Victims of crime, abuse, or accidents

If you’ve been the victim of a crime, been abused, bullied or discriminated against, or been involved in a sudden accident then you may have suffered an emotional trauma comparable to the post-traumatic stress that those who serve in the military experience.

As a victim, you may never completely forget about the crime. The pain may lessen and even subside, but your life will be changed forever. Fear and anxiety can impact your behavior and choices for many years to come unless you heal the emotional trauma that you have experienced.

Emotional writing is one tool that you can use to help you overcome the crippling effects of this type of hardship by helping you to uncover your fears and unhealthy attitudes. It can help you build confidence, plan for your future, and overcome your apprehension.

Emotional writing will empower you to take the steps you need to conquer your fears and move forward with your life.



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