Loss of a loved one – End of a relationship

Our relationships are vital to our feelings of contentment, security, and even success.  So when a loved one dies or a relationship ends it is no surprise that it can affect us so deeply.

The loss of a loved one could be a result of a death, a divorce or separation, the end of a friendship, or the passing of a pet. Although the depth of loss and its effect on you will be different for each situation, the emotions that you experience may be the same.

When we grieve we experience a wide range of emotions, many of which actually conflict with each other, and this can cause us to feel confused and overwhelmed. Healing from this type of hardship will take a considerable amount of time, however Emotional Writing can help you make sense of your feelings during this period and aid in the healing process.

If you have endured this type of hardship in the past, you might have already developed shadow beliefs that you aren’t consciously aware of. Are you fearful of new relationships? Do you have a hard time trusting? Do you sabotage your relationships because you believe you aren’t worthy? These are the types of beliefs that we develop when we are grieving the end of a relationship and they can affect our long term lifestyle, behaviors, and other relationships.

Common emotional responses that have a long term effect on your well-being may include feelings of:

betrayal     anger     resentment     shame     guilt     jealousy     insecurity     fear     loss of control

Emotional Writing can help you look at where you are stuck in the grieving process.  It is a tool that can help you come to terms with your loss, understand how it has changed you, and clarify what you need to do in order to move forward with your life.