Diagnosis of an illness

Receiving the diagnosis of an illness is a disturbing event that will eventually occur in the lives of almost all of us, and the emotional impact on the patient and those close to them can be enormous.

We can’t help but to imagine the worst-case scenario and these thoughts and negative images remain with us 24/7. We go to bed with them, are haunted by them during the night, and wake up with them in the morning. Time seems to drag on forever between diagnosis and treatment and the “what if’s” often take over. Diagnosis has several phases, and as we travel through the initial period of shock, disbelief and eventual adjustment, we grieve for what was, what could be, and what isn’t.

It is very natural during this time to feel like you have lost control of your own life. You feel betrayed by your own body, you have to rely on others for treatment, you experience limits on what you can do, and fear of what the future may hold.

Being diagnosed with a serious illness or disease WILL change you but Emotional Writing can help you understand and express your fears, worries, and feelings during this time.  Research has shown that writing about your experience during a serious illnesses such as cancer can improve your physical well-being.  So it’s not just your mental health, lifestyle, and behaviour that will benefit, but your ability to heal physically as well.









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