Who Emotional Writing can help

There are so many kinds of hardship and we all experience it at some time in our life, but there are some emotional traumas that seem to affect us more deeply. During these times of hardship we experience emotions such as fear, incompetency, and unworthiness and for many people these emotions can develop into what are called shadow beliefs.

Shadow beliefs, a term introduced on Oprah by life coach and author Cheryl Richardson in 2000, are beliefs about our own abilities and attributes that don’t reflect reality. They are the exaggerated or irrational beliefs about yourself that you may not be fully aware of. They can perpetuate unwanted behavior and literally change the way you live your life.

Emotional Writing is an excellent tool that can help you look at any hardship or experience from a new perspective. It can help you uproot the shadow beliefs that you developed in the past and change the way you think, feel, and act moving forward.

Below is a partial list of hardships or painful experiences that can change our beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. If you have, or are currently experiencing, these types of hardship then Emotional Writing can help! This is only a generalized list so if you don’t see the type of hardship that you experienced on the list, please don’t be discouraged. I define hardship as an event or situation that is difficult to endure; so listing all of the possible hardships that we might experience would be a very long list!

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