Why Emotional Writing Helps

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and life lessons can help you make sense of your emotions and fears, but are you aware that writing can also have health benefits?

For more than 25 years there has been evidence-based research conducted on the connection between writing down stressful life experiences and positive physical changes. These benefits can include increased immune-system functioning, symptom reduction in disease severity, and a sense of release and closure from troubling events of the past.

James Pennebaker and his colleagues at the University of Texas, published the initial investigations of expressive writing and have continued to conduct research in this area. You can read about his research and his book Writing to Heal herejournal.

Expressive writing, or what I define as emotional writing, involves writing one’s deepest thoughts and feelings about life experiences. It is a very personal journey and although it may initially bring overwhelming feelings to the surface, for many people it has truly helped them heal. We all experience hardship in our lives but how you cope during hard times and how those experiences affect you long term can be improved with emotional writing.





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