Writing with Emotion

Woman writingWORDS can inspire and motivate people to achieve remarkable results, they can cause pain and sadness, and they can bring us together or tear us apart. The influence of words on human behavior is truly incredible, but it is the power of the emotionally expressive written word that can have the most profound and healing effect on your mental, emotional, and physical state.

Our time here is made up of experiences and inevitably some of those experiences are going to be difficult ones. The concept or belief that every experience, especially the hard ones, happens for a reason can be a challenging one to accept. We want to know what that reason is, what did we do to deserve it, and why it is happening now.

We struggle and push through hardship; we endure it and then move on to better times and sometimes we are stronger for having gone through that particular hardship.

However, in our minds and in our hearts, we often hang on to the emotional baggage of struggle, and we allow that residual pain and fear to affect our decisions, actions, and sense of wellbeing, even years later.

Emotional Writing is an excellent tool that can help people overcome trauma, hardship, and pain.  It has been proven to have positive psychological and physical effects and is something that everyone can do.  You don’t need any special training or tools to use this form of healing, all you need is a desire for more peace and contentment in your life and the willingness to express your emotions and fears.

Emotional Writing is intended to be a personal experience.  You do not need to share your writing with anyone because it is done for your own healing benefit.  If you want to share something that you have learned about yourself with someone that you trust you can absolutely do that however don’t allow their reactions or comments to undo what you have worked so hard to accomplish.